Babcock Community Care Centre News – July 18, 2023

Canada Day was celebrated at Babcock Community Care Centre with residents creating and designing a craft for the holiday in which the frame could hold their photographs. They proudly displayed the finished product in their rooms. Dan Davidson entertained residents in the afternoon with a musical program. Families and friends visited throughout the day.

Residents enjoyed the beautifully decorated vanilla and chocolate cupcakes purchased from Union Bakery in Dresden. Each cupcake was decorated with either a flag or a moose on it with plenty of red and white sprinkles.
Christmas in July is creating quite the buzz. Residents have requested some good old fashioned fudge, along with some shortbread for their special day. The Christmas decorations will add to the event, along with some other great foods.

Karaoke night was a huge success with several attending and showing how well they could sing. Others had a great time dancing and fun was had by all. Everyone appreciates having the Tuck Cart set up in the dining area where they can purchase specific items they want or need. Residents usually have a great time spending their Bingo winnings on these items. Randy Grey entertained residents with his musical program. He educated everyone about the history of the songs he sang.

Residents have been very busy cutting out pieces needed to make kites. The activity staff decided to have a themed bingo for the many bingo players we have. The theme was around the ever popular Niagara Falls. They passed out neon glow sticks, necklaces and each resident received a card. Some of the cards said “sorry, better luck next time,” while others specified a prize they would receive. Residents enjoyed the walking tour of the United States side, Three Sisters and Goat Island and back to the Canadian Falls side. They toured through many of the special attractions and ended their virtual tour with a 12 minute helicopter ride over the area. Amazing how everyone can travel from their easy chairs!

Duck races are very popular. They raced four times and everyone cheered on their favourite duck. The stroll and roll program outdoors is a great time for residents to tour around the village streets stopping to talk to the local residents. Root Beer floats taste amazing after their outdoor walks. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Thank you to anyone adding donated cash to the bingo prizes. Special thanks to the student volunteers for helping out with the Bingo.

Wanda the storyteller visited with her friends and provided a depiction of her stories while learning the history of the song “Amazing Grace.” Residents enjoyed the mandolin and guitar music. Unfortunately the water balloon play time outdoors was cancelled due to nasty weather so the new media projector was put into great use by showing residents pictures of pizza, bananas, owls and race cars. They used a pool noodle to interact with the games. There was a lot of movement and residents definitely had their exercise while playing.

Craft days are becoming very popular with the residents. Making kites from paper plates, pipe cleaners and coloured Popsicle sticks are several of the items used to finish the kites. Residents were treated to hand massages which they really enjoyed. One-on- one visits are really appreciated. Ted Quenneville gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith.

Dress up day was a fun time with the theme “Last Day on the Titanic… what would you be doing or wearing?” Costumes were designed for each resident who wished to participate and residents decided what they would be doing. Brenda would be wearing a black dress and hat, John, Gordon and Eugene would be mechanics, Tom a fisherman, Anne sitting in a lawn chair watching the icebergs go by, Doreen was captain of the ship, Don was an artist making sketches of the trip, Barb worked at packing luggage, J.D. was in the wheel house steering the ship. Karen was in the doctor’s office helping with the sea sick clients.

Group exercises had a large group in attendance working their arms, legs, and having conversations about life. Wii shuffleboard is very popular with several amazing players. Jeremy Smith had the room packed to listen to his John Denver style musical program. Great folk songs were enjoyed by everyone.

The town wide yard sale was a great success with many bargain hunters searching out their most wanted items. J.D. O’Hara and John enjoyed touring around the village with assistance from staff members to check out the yard sales. Sunday Sundaes were a big hit with residents. Manicures and pampering followed later in the day. Clay crafts with the company 2Hands, with Christine from London showing residents how to make owls out of clay. The Men’s club met outdoors for a chat. They came up with some ideas for crafts. Snacks followed along with refreshments. The Women’s group also gathered on the patio, some decided to go for a short walk and they too had many great ideas involving craft ideas.

Residents continue to use the Nu-Step cross-trainers located in the activity area. They are able to view the beautiful flowers hanging from the patio awning as they exercise. The birds and rabbits and the odd cat add to their enjoyment while exercising. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Margaret Therrien. Babcock Community Care welcomes Anne Douglas as their newest resident.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – June 26, 2023

Father’s Day was very busy at Babcock Community Care Centre. Residents had friends and family visit throughout the day. All the men were offered a carnation boutonniere that was purchased to honour them on their special day. Bev Close from the Activity Department made the day a little more special with a delicious home-made ice cream cake. Residents enjoyed their one-on-one visits.

Monday morning had residents watching a comedy movie called “War with Grandpa.” Bingo followed with a $5.00 donation for a full card. Music Connections with Jess Dickie entertained residents while playing the guitar and singing short stories to everyone. Everyone appreciate the roll and stroll program where they are assisted to walk or ride around the village streets stopping to visit with Wardsville residents.

The Java music club gathered to reminisce and had a sing-song. Everyone had a great time. The activity department staff, along with volunteer Dave Skipper, assisted residents during a challenging game of crokinole. To make the games more interesting David also provided prizes. Residents appreciated this very much. Dan Davidson entertained residents and had several up dancing and singing. Residents and staff are enjoying the barbecue lunches set up by the Dietary department and Activity staff.

Wii Bowling is very popular with everyone and so much fun for both players and spectators. Residents had a great time watching YouTube videos where they had set up thousands of dominoes in various ways and then the fun began as they watched them all fall. The Men’s club had their group meet on the patio area. They were served nachos and near beer, along with other refreshments. The conversation was ongoing.

Residents played a game on the new Mobii Magic motion projector using pool noodles. It was called Bull’s Eye. The outdoor bubbles game was a huge hit with residents. Each resident had their own personal bottle of soap and bubbles, small and large, were created. Several photos were taken during the fun. Social time hour had some trivia questions regarding toys they had throughout the years. Cake snacks and refreshments were served.

David Skipper gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith. Mary Wootton held worship services for those residents wanting to attend. Residents enjoy their group exercises and using the Nu-Step cross trainers located in the activity area. Current events newsletters are handed out to interested residents and they are assisted as needed to keep up with the ever-changing daily news. The Tuck shop cart and table is a popular activity.

Ice cream sundaes were enjoyed during the heat wave we are experiencing. Everyone is grateful for having air conditioning during these heat waves. Bingo was held several times throughout the week with several lucky winners. Congratulations! Hoya cards are lots of fun for residents who love playing cards. Physiotherapy is given to residents requiring treatments by the physiotherapy staff from the Four Counties Health Services.

The Wal-mart bus trips scheduled in June were a great success. Residents, staff and volunteers boarded the bus and headed away to Chatham for the day for a fun day of shopping and browsing around the store. They had their lunch at McDonalds and everyone had a great time. While visiting the home, please remember to protect your family members while visiting outside by using sunscreen. We do have appropriate hats located in the Activity department. Just ask and we will provide you with both.

The Keurig Club coffee drinkers enjoy sampling the huge variety of Keurig pods provided for their morning pick me up. The strawberry social was held on June 22nd with Crystal St Denis providing the entertainment. There was a great turn out and everyone enjoyed the entertainment on the patio. Donations were greatly appreciated and went to Residents’ Council.

Strawberry Social

Plans for the new Babcock Community Care facility are underway. The architects are working diligently on the new design and much larger facility. We will keep you updated as the project goes through the various stages of approval. We are pleased to announce a Nurse Practitioner will be joining our care team in September.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – June 5, 2023

Staff enjoyed a variety of subs from Subway, along with refreshments and dessert to show how much they are appreciated by residents and Management during nursing week in May. Their dedication, knowledge and caring attitudes confirm what nursing is truly about. Everyone is looking forward to the strawberry social held on June 22nd served between 6 and 8 pm. There will be entertainment provided by Crystal St. Denis and hopefully the weather cooperates as it is scheduled outdoors. Donations are appreciated to the Residents’ Council. Everyone is welcome! Bring your lawn chair and stay for the great music.

The Mother’s day tea social was held on Sunday. Family members and friends visited. Residents always have fun playing a variety of games. They include bingo, Wii Bowling, Hoya cards, table hockey, shuffleboard, Family Feud, indoor baseball, darts, word puzzles, virtual word flip games and balloon toss. The Heartbeat Club met in the activity area and exercised to some fast beat music. Everyone had a great time.

The Food Committee group met and had several requests, one being cherry cheesecake. Another favourite of many residents was a chocolate dessert. The Residents council meeting followed and several discussions were about the upcoming events, including a Wal-Mart shopping trip. The Activity department has scheduled one for June 2nd, and June 9th. Volunteers are appreciated. If you wish to assist please contact Nicole in the Activity department for details.

Residents had fun painting and designing their silk scarves during one of their activities. Residents enjoy their one-on-one visits and always appreciate their outdoor roll or stroll program where they venture around the village stopping to visit with whoever is outside in their yards. The Food Play activity featuring the country of the month, Greenland this month, had residents guessing the top 10 foods they preferred there. A wall display showed general facts about the specific area. Residents requested in the month of July they discuss New York.

Residents enjoyed the musical program provided by Randy Grey. During the hot weather everyone was treated to a variety of popsicles on the outside patio area. Residents gathered around the large tv screen to watch one of their favourite movies during movie night. Popcorn and refreshments were served. Dave Skipper gave residents of the Catholic faith communion. Root beer floats are a favourite treat for several residents.

Mexican Bingo was definitely a different type of Bingo compared to what everyone has played previously. Long tables were set up to accommodate the Bingo players with a variety of colours and decorations. They won a variety of treats as well as Bingo prizes. Ted Quenneville held communion for residents of the Catholic faith. Group exercises are always a fun time. The Nu-Step cross trainers are used daily by residents improving their physical health. They are able to watch the birds, squirrels and baby rabbits moving around the trees and bushes on the outdoor patio area. The flower boxes are beginning to look beautiful thanks to all our gardeners. Next we will be shaping up the bushes and trees near the patio. The patio area was given a well deserved pressure washing and looks great.

The Java Music Club met and each resident was asked to choose one of their favourite songs. Craft circle had residents making a decorative fish. They were on display outside the activity area and they look amazing.

The men’s club had several in attendance where they read the local papers, the new flyers for the week, chatted and had a great time. Snacks and refreshments were served. They requested they all go outside next meeting play some games, and again have refreshments. The Keurig coffee machine located in the activity department residents’ kitchen area is very popular. There is always a large variety of pods available.

Residents had fun playing a game on the new machine purchased for the Activity department with the goal of trying to keep the ball inside one of the many shapes shown. Two residents were successful in keeping within the designated area. Reverend Deb Dolbear-Van Bilsen held worship services for those residents wishing to attend. Wanda the storyteller, depicted bible stories by flannel graphs for residents, while her brother and his wife played the musical instruments in the background. Everyone enjoyed their visit.

Birthday wishes are sent out to Tom Moorby, Vera Taplin, Hee Bong Bak, Albertine Letourneau and Ruth Gibson. They all celebrated their birthdays in the month of May. Birthday cake and ice cream was served at the birthday party held each month. Birthday wishes to Edna Abbott who is celebrating her birthday on June 10th. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Fitzroy Clarke. Babcock Community Care welcomes Eugene Kaminski as their newest resident.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – March 2023

Valentine’s Day was very busy for residents and staff. The Elegant dinner was scheduled for the same day and residents were pampered with nail care, hair styling, make up and hand massages. Everyone put on their best attire for the dinner. Hors d’oeuvres were served along with sparkling wine.
The dining area was decorated with an array of colours to resemble a special dining experience. Residents were served the menu they had chosen at an earlier Food Committee meeting. Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. It was delicious. Residents enjoyed the entertainment provided by Dan Davidson.
The crowning of the King and Queen of Hearts was an exciting time. Staff and residents had voted previously on who they thought should receive the honour. J.D. O’Hara was crowned King of Hearts and Ruby Klassen was the Queen. Residents and staff received valentines addressed to them. Residents had been busy earlier filling up chocolate treat bags for everyone.
Karaoke night was a big hit with seven residents taking their turns at the microphone showing off their singing talents. Alexander supervised residents in Drumfit. Everyone had such a great time. Residents had a challenging time playing the game Family Feud. The Bell Ringer team won by a huge lead, with the O’Hara team trying their best to catch up. Big Buck Bingo is always fun. Everyone is happy when they win the loonies.
A large group of residents gathered for a game of Euchre, Connect 4, and checkers. Communion was served by Ted Quenneville and David Skipper to residents of the Catholic faith. Frances Bell read to a small group of residents at the Book Club meeting. Residents are kept busy with games like table hockey, Snakes and Ladders, Trivia time, Hoya cards, Viking Chess, Duck races, Hula Hoop rings and word puzzles.
Tim Horton’s doughnuts and refreshments were served in the afternoon break for all who were interested. The Nu-Step cross trainers are very busy early in the morning with residents using them to keep fit. The Keurig coffee drinkers always enjoy a cup of coffee of their choice from the huge variety of coffee pods. One-on- one visits with residents in their room are always uplifting to everyone.
Mary Wootton played several country and rock and roll tunes for everyone to enjoy. Quilt weaving was a new activity time went by fast for residents. They completed a 12 by 12 grid of fabric from recycled strips that residents had previously cut. Each one made a memory quilt for the foot of their bed complete with a treasured photo.
The Food Committee held their regular meeting and there was a lot of discussion on the upcoming scheduled activities and what foods they preferred. Another pizza and wing night was requested in March. For St. Patrick’s day a request for a party serving root beer was also made.
Everyone really commented on how they like the new table hockey game and said they could play for hours. A request for lasagna was made along with carrots and butter tarts.
The Residents’ Council meeting followed and everyone gave positive feedback. Mary Wootton held worship services for those residents wanting to attend. Bingo was held three times during the week with the following lucky winners: J.D. O’Hara, Marg Therrien, Doreen Getty, Doris Laurie, John Marshall, Hee Bong Bak, Geoff Ewing, Edna Abbott, Brenda Allen, Richard Bliskis, Wilfred Driver, Don Earhart, Phyliss Munro, Rudy Klassen, Norm Fenn, David Ellis and Gordon Gregory.
Activity staff became very creative when they decided to use an IV stand to accommodate a magnetic dart board. Each resident had 3 turns and they had so much fun. After the game they indulged in a variety of meats, pickles, olives and assorted crackers. Winners of the dart games were Doris Laurie, Don Earhart and J.D. O’Hara.
The coffee and chat social had residents reminiscing about the good old days. Hot chocolate and coffee was served. Superbowl fans gathered around the television to watch the game while staff served a variety of Superbowl dips and nachos.
February birthdays were celebrated with birthday cake and ice cream. Birthday wishes go to Don Earhart, Bill Hanenburg and Geoff Ewing. Birthday wishes to Doreen Getty who celebrates her birthday in March. Remember to wear your green for the upcoming St. Patrick’s day party.
The new Mobii Magic Motion activated projector recently purchased is such a hit with residents. It has approximately 300 apps and things happen when the residents move inside the picture field. One example is berries will be squished with their movement until a milkshake appears. It encourages movement and laughter for everyone and is great exercise. Pictures and sounds of islands, aquariums, chickens, clouds and so much more are happening right there in the room. Large groups, a table of four, or just and individual can interact with this system.
Babcock Community Care welcomes Alan Gooding as their newest resident. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Magdalena Coone and Marian Herr.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – January 10, 2023

Residents are having a great time interacting with the new Mobii Magic motion activated projector system purchased by Babcock Community Care for their enjoyment. Check it out on our Facebook page to view the amazing capabilities of this system.
Residents also expressed their gratitude at Christmas as they gathered in the Activity area to open their gifts. Christmas stockings were then handed out by staff to everyone. Bev Close made sure everyone received a gift and by the look of the smiles and some tears, it was a great present. John was Santa Claus, with his helper Lisa, and Sharron was dressed as an Elf. All the gifts were labelled as they opened them and any residents needing assistance were helped by staff.
The weather was horrific outside but inside the staff showed tremendous dedication on making the day almost perfect for everyone during the stormy holiday. The local schools had made sure each resident and staff member received a Christmas card. Candy canes were passed around to everyone.
Room service was given on Christmas day and residents appreciated their green tea and Dutch chocolate biscuits and wafers. Others made their way to the dining area for their special treats.
The Dietary staff served up the traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. It was delicious. Residents had a great time during the paint and sing activity. Each resident was given their own house to paint. They added stickers, placed a roof of their choice on it and painted it to their liking.
Fresh flowers were placed on the dining room tables over Christmas. Big Buck Bingo on Boxing Day had a small crowd. Several residents had amazing luck as they yelled Bingo more than once. Mary Wootton entertained residents with some of their favourite tunes.
Residents were pleased to view several of the pictures taken of them over the Christmas holidays. There was a lot of reminiscing about the winter storms they had endured during their lifetime.
Residents gathered for Movie Night and watched Garfield the Cat. The monthly birthday party was held for the December birthdays. Cake, ice cream and refreshments were served. The Keurig club is enjoying the variety of coffee purchased for their morning gatherings.
Babcock Community Care Centre welcomes Lois Cornwall as their newest resident. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Donna Whitehead and Fred Hardy.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – January 2023

Residents enjoyed their bus trip to the Ska-Nah-Doht Conservation area to view the magic of lights showing. It was truly amazing and several trips were planned to go back before they were gone. Along the route to the lightshow, residents were able to see the countryside along the way and appreciated all the outdoor decorations and lights as well. Doreen Getty, John Marshall, Brenda Allen, Norman Fenn, Barbara Driscoll and Connie Peterkin were on one of the bus tours.

December was a very busy month at Babcock Community Care Centre. Residents appreciated all the gifts, flowers and visits during the holidays. The staff enjoyed a Chinese dinner along with a delicious helping of several varieties of cheesecake. Each one received a bag full of chocolate treats and candy to take home. Thank you to Jin’s Wicked Wok for going out of their way to allow management to purchase individual dinners for all the staff and keep our facility in compliance, with all the Covid regulations in place, regarding group party gatherings.

Dan Davidson entertained residents and provided them with musical instruments such as shakers, bells and blocks as they sang Christmas tunes. Everyone had a great time! Snow Globe making was a great project for those residents who wanted to make and design their very own. Activity staff handled the hot glue gun part and assisted each resident in their creations. The end results were amazing.

Crystal and Ryan St.Denis entertained residents with many of their favourite Christmas songs. The program involved some funny stories and placed everyone in a great Christmas mood. Rich, Gord, and Don played the maracas while Doris and Barb rang the bells. Staff and residents joined in dancing and several pictures were taken of the great time everyone was having. When this ended everyone moved to the large windows to watch a choir visiting and performing Christmas carols. Approximately 20 performers arrived by bus. Everyone noticed the many Christmas hats and outfits they were wearing. Everyone truly appreciated their visit. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Bingo was played several times over the holidays. Residents enjoyed the piece of wrapped Christmas cake purchased from Park’s Blueberries. It was delicious. Birthday wishes are given to Jimmy Every, Clara Aulis, Norman Fenn and Wilfred Driver who celebrated their birthdays in December. Congratulations to Clara Aulis and Joe and Wilfred and Donna Driver who celebrated their wedding anniversaries in December. Randy Grey visited and entertained residents with several of their favourite Christmas songs. He gave a history of the songs and mentioned the song “Joy to the World” is 300 years old and “Silent Night” is 204 years old.

The gingerbread house draws were made and Joan Kennedy and Dr. Parnell were the lucky winners. Michelle won the best costume, dressed as a Christmas gift.

Management has purchased a new piece of equipment for the Activity department called the Mobii interactive projector. We will provide more details about this after residents are given an opportunity to use it.

YouTube video

Residents had a fun time with the program called Drumfit. They beat the drums using drum sticks as they try to keep beat with the music playing in the background. It keeps the body moving. The “Poke a Tree” game was awesome as residents poked their fingers in the decorated tree cups and pulled out chocolate candies, candy canes and money.

Residents had a great time at Happy Hour. They drank mock Caesars decorated with celery, pita chips, salsa, cheese sauce and pickles. Snowman Toss was another fun game with two teams. Several residents watched from a distance. The Book Club met and Frances Bell read short stories to everyone.

Mary Wootton played a selection of Christmas songs for her sing-a-long program. Residents are able to use their Bingo winnings if they choose to purchase items off the Tuck Cart provided. On this cart are self care products as well as chocolate treats and candy, along with several other items. Residents also enjoy their movie nights along with popcorn and refreshments.

The Christmas decorations are coming down and placed in storage for next year. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits. Babcock Community Care welcomes Connie Peterkin, Tom Moorby and Barbara Driscoll as their newest residents.