Babcock Community Care Centre News – January 10, 2023

Residents are having a great time interacting with the new Mobii Magic motion activated projector system purchased by Babcock Community Care for their enjoyment. Check it out on our Facebook page to view the amazing capabilities of this system.
Residents also expressed their gratitude at Christmas as they gathered in the Activity area to open their gifts. Christmas stockings were then handed out by staff to everyone. Bev Close made sure everyone received a gift and by the look of the smiles and some tears, it was a great present. John was Santa Claus, with his helper Lisa, and Sharron was dressed as an Elf. All the gifts were labelled as they opened them and any residents needing assistance were helped by staff.
The weather was horrific outside but inside the staff showed tremendous dedication on making the day almost perfect for everyone during the stormy holiday. The local schools had made sure each resident and staff member received a Christmas card. Candy canes were passed around to everyone.
Room service was given on Christmas day and residents appreciated their green tea and Dutch chocolate biscuits and wafers. Others made their way to the dining area for their special treats.
The Dietary staff served up the traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. It was delicious. Residents had a great time during the paint and sing activity. Each resident was given their own house to paint. They added stickers, placed a roof of their choice on it and painted it to their liking.
Fresh flowers were placed on the dining room tables over Christmas. Big Buck Bingo on Boxing Day had a small crowd. Several residents had amazing luck as they yelled Bingo more than once. Mary Wootton entertained residents with some of their favourite tunes.
Residents were pleased to view several of the pictures taken of them over the Christmas holidays. There was a lot of reminiscing about the winter storms they had endured during their lifetime.
Residents gathered for Movie Night and watched Garfield the Cat. The monthly birthday party was held for the December birthdays. Cake, ice cream and refreshments were served. The Keurig club is enjoying the variety of coffee purchased for their morning gatherings.
Babcock Community Care Centre welcomes Lois Cornwall as their newest resident. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Donna Whitehead and Fred Hardy.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – January 2023

Residents enjoyed their bus trip to the Ska-Nah-Doht Conservation area to view the magic of lights showing. It was truly amazing and several trips were planned to go back before they were gone. Along the route to the lightshow, residents were able to see the countryside along the way and appreciated all the outdoor decorations and lights as well. Doreen Getty, John Marshall, Brenda Allen, Norman Fenn, Barbara Driscoll and Connie Peterkin were on one of the bus tours.

December was a very busy month at Babcock Community Care Centre. Residents appreciated all the gifts, flowers and visits during the holidays. The staff enjoyed a Chinese dinner along with a delicious helping of several varieties of cheesecake. Each one received a bag full of chocolate treats and candy to take home. Thank you to Jin’s Wicked Wok for going out of their way to allow management to purchase individual dinners for all the staff and keep our facility in compliance, with all the Covid regulations in place, regarding group party gatherings.

Dan Davidson entertained residents and provided them with musical instruments such as shakers, bells and blocks as they sang Christmas tunes. Everyone had a great time! Snow Globe making was a great project for those residents who wanted to make and design their very own. Activity staff handled the hot glue gun part and assisted each resident in their creations. The end results were amazing.

Crystal and Ryan St.Denis entertained residents with many of their favourite Christmas songs. The program involved some funny stories and placed everyone in a great Christmas mood. Rich, Gord, and Don played the maracas while Doris and Barb rang the bells. Staff and residents joined in dancing and several pictures were taken of the great time everyone was having. When this ended everyone moved to the large windows to watch a choir visiting and performing Christmas carols. Approximately 20 performers arrived by bus. Everyone noticed the many Christmas hats and outfits they were wearing. Everyone truly appreciated their visit. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Bingo was played several times over the holidays. Residents enjoyed the piece of wrapped Christmas cake purchased from Park’s Blueberries. It was delicious. Birthday wishes are given to Jimmy Every, Clara Aulis, Norman Fenn and Wilfred Driver who celebrated their birthdays in December. Congratulations to Clara Aulis and Joe and Wilfred and Donna Driver who celebrated their wedding anniversaries in December. Randy Grey visited and entertained residents with several of their favourite Christmas songs. He gave a history of the songs and mentioned the song “Joy to the World” is 300 years old and “Silent Night” is 204 years old.

The gingerbread house draws were made and Joan Kennedy and Dr. Parnell were the lucky winners. Michelle won the best costume, dressed as a Christmas gift.

Management has purchased a new piece of equipment for the Activity department called the Mobii interactive projector. We will provide more details about this after residents are given an opportunity to use it.

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Residents had a fun time with the program called Drumfit. They beat the drums using drum sticks as they try to keep beat with the music playing in the background. It keeps the body moving. The “Poke a Tree” game was awesome as residents poked their fingers in the decorated tree cups and pulled out chocolate candies, candy canes and money.

Residents had a great time at Happy Hour. They drank mock Caesars decorated with celery, pita chips, salsa, cheese sauce and pickles. Snowman Toss was another fun game with two teams. Several residents watched from a distance. The Book Club met and Frances Bell read short stories to everyone.

Mary Wootton played a selection of Christmas songs for her sing-a-long program. Residents are able to use their Bingo winnings if they choose to purchase items off the Tuck Cart provided. On this cart are self care products as well as chocolate treats and candy, along with several other items. Residents also enjoy their movie nights along with popcorn and refreshments.

The Christmas decorations are coming down and placed in storage for next year. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits. Babcock Community Care welcomes Connie Peterkin, Tom Moorby and Barbara Driscoll as their newest residents.

MOH COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations

Please find below the latest information updates from the government on the Covid-19 vaccines and the recommendation for residents in long-term care homes to receive a 3rd shot. We will be contacting families to obtain consent for this to occur. Please call the home if you have any questions. Thank you.

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet August 2021

MOH COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations Special Population August 2021