Babcock Community Care Centre News – May 25, 2024

Residents enjoyed a visit from Remy the dog and the owner, Sybil. During the day residents worked at making folk art flowers. Others had fun playing Bean Bag Toss, and you could hear the many giggles as they aimed for the target. Later in the evening everyone watched the movie “Top Gun.” Music Connections with Jess had residents participating in a sing-a-long. Jeremy Smith provided musical entertainment. He sang Happy Birthday to residents celebrating their special day.

The new outdoor large-size Connect Four game is very popular with everyone, and other games such as sling hockey, Euchre, Scrabble and Bingo are also favourites. Thank you to the family members and anyone else who donated extra cash for the Bingo games. Poke-a-flower went over very well. They used plastic cups and punched holes in them for the design. The Women’s club gathered in the activity room to prepare a variety of smoothies with the newly purchased ice machine to enjoy during their meeting.

The Media machine was set up in the dining area for residents to play the game of their choice. The Physiotherapist from the local hospital visited and provided physiotherapy to those residents in need. The local Mennonite group choir visited and entertained residents with their beautiful voices singing spiritual wellness songs. Residents gathered in the activity area to once again paint their designs on silk scarves. The end results were amazing and they could keep the finished product or gift it.  Social hour on a Sunday afternoon had residents, friends and family members indulging in Mocktails, fresh strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, pineapple and blackberries, along with cheese and crackers.

Spring Fling, formerly known as the Elegant Dinner, was a busy day for everyone. The primping and pampering started at 10 am, make-up, manicures along with nail polish was applied, with some having hand massages as well. Residents enjoyed all of it. Residents were dressed for the occasion, many wearing the silk scarves they had designed. The photo booth proved to be a great hit. Residents had a chance to have their picture taken with anyone of their choice including family members and friends.  The dining area was decorated for the dinner displaying brightly coloured table cloths, along with matching utensils and dishes.  The Dietary department cooked up a delicious meal. The wine glasses were distributed along with several choices of spirit free wine. Crystal St .Denis and her twins visited and provided the musical program for the event. Vance Blackmore, hairdresser, made sure all the ladies had their hair all done to perfection for the occasion. This event is scheduled once yearly and everyone looks forward to it.

Randy Grey provided the entertainment for the monthly birthday party. Congratulations to the following residents who celebrate their special day in May: Tom Moorby, Judith Winter, Albertine Letourneau, Ruth Gibson, Bertha Postman and Hilda Blackhall. Everyone was served cake and ice cream. Residents cast their votes in the Activity area for the Provincial election. Residents appreciate the walking program outdoors where they are assisted to tour around the streets in the village, stopping to talk to whoever comes across their path. Residents of the Catholic faith appreciate Ted Quenneville, John Carter, Mary Lou DePelsmaeker and Dave Skipper giving communion at different times throughout the month.   

Drum-fit was set up and several residents attended. They had great fun trying to keep up the beat with the music in the background while they played the drums. The Tuck cart made its way around the home for residents wanting to purchase items from the great selection. Wanda Hazelwood, storyteller, and friends visited and provided a lovely service along with music. Everyone enjoys her visit.

Nursing week was celebrated in May with a special dinner purchased from Subway for all staff. We would like to thank you for your unwavering commitment to resident well-being and let you know your exceptional care and kindness have not gone unnoticed. Happy Nurses Week!

Mark your calendar for the strawberry social held on June 24th between 6pm to 8 pm outdoors weather permitting. Crystal St. Denis will be providing the musical entertainment. Babcock Community Care welcomes their newest resident, Judy Winter.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – April 19, 2024

The Men’s Club gathered in the activity room and had fun playing croquet. In the background there was a feast of bologna frying on the grill as they had requested, along with a variety of other special treats for their meeting. Everyone had second helpings of an old favourite from the past. Residents appreciated their hand massages along with manicures provided by the activity staff. Residents enjoyed a delicious cheesecake prepared by Bev Close.

Jeremy Smith entertained residents with his musical program. Reverend Deb Dolbear Van-Bilsen held worship services for those wanting to attend. The Tuck cart was rolling around the building room to room much to resident’s delight. Drumfit is musical fun for everyone as they try to keep up the beat to music being played in the background. Family members joined in the fun as well. Bingo was played three times over the week with several lucky winners. Congratulations!

St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in March with residents and staff wearing their green. Green beer was served during the celebration along with sour cream potato chips on green plates and Rice Krispie squares topped with green icing. Mary Wootton played Irish songs and had a sing along.

The birds are busy building their nests outside on the patio and residents enjoy watching them as they exercise on the Nu-Step cross trainers. The Connect Four tournament had many interested players. The Spring Slushie social was a hit as activity staff prepared cherry-flavoured Slushies with their newly purchased machine. The Faith Haven Choir visited and entertained residents with their beautiful hymns. Everyone appreciates their visits. Table hockey kept everyone busy.

Residents enjoyed listening to staff member Joanne McGahan’s vacation trip to Holland. They appreciated her bringing in photos of her adventures. The wine and cheese party was a great hit as well. Everyone appreciated the many food samples provided, along with a variety of cheeses, pepperoni, salami and dips.

Easter was a very busy time with several visitors dropping into visit their family member or friends. One big golden egg was hidden in the building with alert signs indicating where approximately it may be found. Doreen Getty’s grandson Gavin finally found the hidden egg while visiting and was one happy little guy! Easter Bingo was scheduled during the day and residents appreciated their delicious Easter Cupcakes purchased from Union Bakery in Dresden. Chocolate eggs and bunnies were distributed to residents throughout the celebration. Dan Davidson provided a musical program for the special celebration. Wanda Hazelwood and friends visited and told the Easter story by using flannel graphs and everyone joined in singing hymns.

April Fools Day had everyone watching out for the pranksters. Happy birthday wishes are extended to Connie Peterkin, John Keskeny and Agnes Easton, who are celebrating their special days in April. Randy Grey provided the entertainment at the birthday party and everyone was served cake and Ice-cream.

Spring Fling, formerly known as the Elegant Dinner, is scheduled for April 25th with an abundance of great foods being served in a lovely, decorated dining room setting. This is held once yearly and everyone has a great dinner, along with dressing up for the occasion and being pampered by staff and volunteers. Crystal St. Denis will be providing the dinner music entertainment as well.

Residents are having a great time during craft days creating many different items. Outdoor roll and stroll programs have been scheduled. Everyone enjoys walking around the village with assistance checking out to see what has changed in the village. Residents have a great time during game time such as hoya cards, scrabble, snakes and ladders, duck racing, euchre, animal house game, magnetic fishing and bean bag toss.

Residents had a great day on their shopping trip to Wal-Mart in Chatham. Staff and volunteers assisted with their shopping and everyone had lunch at McDonalds. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits. The Java Music Club met in the activity room where Alan Gooding allowed Sharron to share a little of his childhood stories. His memories dated back to World War II in England. Freshly baked cookies and refreshments were served.

John Carter gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith. During the recent power outage residents enjoyed a visit from Daisy Mae the Clown. Daisy Mae came equipped with her battery powered CD player. She played several old time favourite tunes and residents were tapping their toes, dancing and swaying to the music. The newly purchased generator kept everyone comfortable during the power outage.

Many of the residents watched the eclipse event happening from their arm chairs in front of the television. Others who wished to be outside watching were provided with special glasses to protect their eyes. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Hee Bong Bak.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – March 11, 2024

Cam Denomme visited and entertained residents with his musical program while playing guitar. He graciously accepted requests from residents and sang many of their favourite songs. A few of the residents were up dancing as well. Everyone enjoyed his visit. Remy the Golden Retriever came to visit everyone today along with his owner Sybil. Residents waited patiently for their turn to pet Remy and talk to his owner about his care. Photos were taken with him and will be displayed at the upcoming photo reminiscing activity. Residents are hoping he and his owner will return for another visit.

Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Donations are greatly appreciated and add to the fun of Bingo playing. Checkers, Hoya cards, Connect 4, Duck races, Bean bag toss and Snowman toss was just a few of the games played throughout the week. Other residents watched a movie called “Riverdance”. The tea social was well attended. Residents really enjoyed having the butterscotch pudding cookies they had made earlier, along with other varieties. The Keurig coffee selection is also a favourite.

The magic train ride had residents travelling to the third smallest country in the world called Monaco. They viewed the most spectacular tour throughout the city from their arm chairs and were totally amazed at the oceanic graphic museum displays of all the marine life. Physiotherapy was given several times during the week from the Physiotherapist who visits from the local hospital. The Nu-Step cross trainers are always busy with residents exercising during their daily routine. They are able to watch the various species of birds, squirrels and rabbits as they wander through the patio area. The leaping frog game was a blast. The hockey table was set up with the pool noodles lining it. They had some great players and frog gummies were handed out to everyone.

The Star Bucks Copy Cat Social had residents preparing ahead of time for their customers within the home. They created their own version of the coffee along with macaroons for the event. Alan and his wife did the Dulce de Leche coffee, Doreen was in charge of the custard, J.D sprinkled the coconut on the assembled macaroon like bases. Gord did the cups for caramel macchiato iced coffee, John made over 2 pitchers of coffee with the new ice shaver recently purchased. Sharron was in charge of crushing the ice. In the evening John was in charge of the many selections and everyone was instructed to choose what they preferred. The macaroons were very popular with residents and anyone not able to attend the make shift Starbucks were served in their rooms with a rolling cart of treats and coffees.

One-on-one visits are always popular with residents. They can play games on the iPads provided with help, contact their family members on the Internet or friends, or just sit and visit. The walking program is patiently waiting for some warmer weather so they can venture outside around the village streets with supervision. The St Patrick Day Green Social will be held on March 17th in the Activity area. Window decorations along with Leprechauns all around the building will be showing up soon. The March monthly birthday party was held with Randy Grey providing the entertainment. Birthday wishes are sent to Doreen Getty and Linda White. Birthday cake, ice cream and refreshments were served at the party.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – March 1, 2024

Residents who enjoy playing cards gathered for a Euchre tournament in the activity area. Everyone had a good time. The Drum fit program had a great turnout. Residents used the drum sticks provided to keep beat with the music playing in the background. It was fun and provided great exercise for the participants. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits.

Manicures, hand massages and foot care are administered on a regular basis. The Nu-Step cross trainers are used daily by those residents wanting to improve on their overall strength and health. The walking program also benefits residents with their mobility and as the weather improves it is great to be outdoors in the sunshine. The Physiotherapist from the local hospital visits regularly each week to provide physiotherapy treatment as needed for residents.

The Goldies entertained residents with their musical program. Everyone enjoyed their visit. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Family members and visitors joined in the fun. Thank you to everyone that donated extra cash to the Bingo games. The Family Feud game was a great hit with everyone. There were two teams, one called the “Bell Ringers” and the other was “The O’Hara Team.” The Bell Ringers ended up with the highest score with the other team only 3 points behind. Team leaders were Frances Bell and J.D O’Hara.

Music therapy with Jess is enjoyed by residents. Crystal St. Denis provided musical entertainment and residents enjoyed her visit. Family Day had several visitors. The pirate treasure hunt kept everyone busy as well as they gathered to find the hidden bags of treasure that held a variety of items, including money. Cards with common pirate phrases were inside the bags and with the assistance of family, friends and staff, each resident found a bag of treasure. The pirate crafts made previously were displayed on their walkers, clothing, and wheelchairs as they searched.

Balloon Toss is another fun activity residents like to play. Table hockey proved challenging with 3 tables set up using pool noodles to secure the puck. Wii bowling is another fun game where residents show off their bowling skills. The Java Music club met in the activity area and the theme was all about winter. Residents requested Tim Horton’s doughnuts for their next social gathering and milkshakes. Bev Close headed to the local Tims to pick up the doughnuts.

Residents had a social hour in the activity area while they coloured pictures for the Vatican board located in the hallway. Each resident signed their creation. Residents participated in word find, while others had their choice of looking through a large variety of magazines. Storyteller, Wanda Hazelwood and her helpers, visited and depicted a bible story on a flannel graph while guitar, violin and mandolin music played in the background. Everyone enjoyed their visit.

The activity department is assisting a few residents interested in writing poems using the topic “kindness.” The Family Council held their regular meeting in the activity area. All family members are encouraged to attend if they have any concerns or comments as to any changes they feel would benefit their loved ones. The March calendar is ready and looks like it is going to be a very busy month. You can download it off our website at Spring is just around the corner!

Babcock Community Care Centre News – February 26, 2024

The monthly birthday party was held for residents celebrating their special day in February. Randy Grey provided the entertainment at the party. Everyone enjoyed birthday cake and ice cream. Birthday wishes are given to Donald Earhart, Buffy Carroll, Bill Hanenburg and Geoff Ewing.

The Super Bowl fans gathered around the large screen television to cheer on their favourite team. Nachos and cheese, salsa and potato chips with a variety of dips were enjoyed during the game.

Valentine’s Day was a fun day at the home. Residents and staff received special valentines, bags of chocolate were passed out to everyone and the King and Queen of Hearts was announced. Residents, family members and staff have been casting votes daily up until the final day when all the votes were counted to see who had the most. Special hearts and other decorations were placed around the home adding to the party. Several residents worked very hard at stringing together hearts of lace using ribbon. Ron Garrison was crowned King of Hearts and Stella Grochocinska was crowned the Queen of Hearts. Congratulations!

Chinese New Year’s was celebrated with a delicious Chinese dinner prepared by the Dietary Department. Family day had lots of family and friends visiting and some joined in playing Big Buck Bingo. Bingo is very popular with several residents and it was scheduled three more times during the week with many lucky winners. Thank you to anyone who contributed extra money during the games. Viking Chess, Euchre, Hoya Cards, Connect 4, Charades, Trivia and a variety of media games keep residents very active and busy. Group exercises and using the Nu-Step cross trainers along with other exercise equipment gives residents a chance to improve on their overall strength and health.

Residents of the Catholic faith attended Communion held in the activity area. The Magic Train Ride this month featured a wall display showing the Vatican City, Rome. It included a walking tour through the city showing museums and other points of interest. The Vatican library houses over 1.6 million books, as well as 75000 manuscripts.

Pirate day was another fun activity program. Pirate eye patches were made for the activity and a treasure hunt was part of the fun. Name tags were made up for each resident with their pirate name. Everyone had a great time. The animal painting craft had residents painting wooden animals such as cats, owls, penguins, butterflies and porcupines. Everyone was given the choice of what animal they wanted to paint, as well as the colour.

The tuck shop cart loaded with a variety of treats and other items was moved around the halls for the convenience of the residents. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits, where it is all about them. They enjoy hand massages, writing cards, or just visiting. Babcock Community Care welcomes Berdena Postman as their newest resident.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – January 26, 2024

During December and January we certainly have had a mixture of crazy, unpredictable weather. I know everyone is anxiously waiting for warm spring weather to arrive. December proved to be a very busy month for residents with lots of entertainment, great foods and visits from family and friends.

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on Christmas morning to pass out the huge bag of gifts for everyone to enjoy. Christmas music playing in the background set the mood for the day. Everyone enjoyed the traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Several residents watched a Christmas movie while others participated in word puzzles and Christmas puns. Christmas bobble-heads raced while residents cheered on their favourites.

Residents enjoyed playing media games such as bean bags, tic tac toss, lawn darts, hoya cards, snakes and ladders and Bingo. Gingerbread cookies purchased from the bakery in Thamesville had residents adding their own personal touch to each cookie. Butter cream, chocolate, sprinkles, or cream cheese were some of their choices. Of course they had to sample their creations when they were all completed.

Randy Grey entertained residents at the monthly birthday party. He had the place rocking. Everyone had a great day. Birthday wishes are extended to Richard Bliskis and Alan Gooding who celebrate their special day in January. Birthday cake and refreshments were served. Residents had fun creating an Oreo Christmas tree centrepiece. They then passed out the treat with various fillings to residents who love Oreos.

Drumfit had several residents in attendance. After the program everyone enjoyed a treat from the snack cart. Craft day had residents decorating ornaments, and was a big hit with everyone. Each resident received one to decorate and keep. The Java Music Club held their regular meeting in the Activity area. Each resident chose a song they liked to sing and shared their thoughts with others about topics of their choice. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners.

Residents thoroughly enjoyed the Magic Train Ride to the Principality of Sealand, the smallest country in the world. The video was very educational and they especially enjoyed watching the helicopter rides and boat rides to the final destination. The craft for the week had residents making a variety of cards to give to a few of the special people in their lives. They created birthday cards, cards to cheer you up, and special greeting cards. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits.

Adam, our co-op student was recognized on his last day at the home. Everyone clapped for him telling him what a great helper he was. He finished off his day by calling the Bingo for the many players.

Residents really liked the variety of shortbreads served to everyone. Mary Lou DePelsmaeker and her helpers gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith. Mary Wootton played a variety of tunes from the sixties for everyone. The party chips, along with a variety of dips, were very popular with everyone. Pumpernickel bread topped off the treat. New Year’s Eve was a great celebration with horns, noisemakers and lots of special foods to eat. Residents continue to exercise on the Nu-Step cross trainers in the activity area.

Flu season is upon us once again. If you are not feeling well or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please change your visit to another day when you are well. Face time visits are also available. Residents are looking forward to the upcoming Elegant Dinner event. They are hoping for the date preferably in early March when the flu season has slowed down. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late David Ellis, Ken Ellison and Helen Johnson. Babcock Community Care welcomes Linda White, Stella Grochocinska and Ron Garrison as their newest residents.

Babcock Community Care Centre News – December 18, 2023

Residents were excited to go on the bus tour and experience the dazzling drive through the display of the “Magic of Lights” located at the Ska Nah Doht Conservation area. Special thanks to the volunteers and staff that have assisted during the trips. The weather has co-operated nicely and so far two separate bus loads of residents have enjoyed the beautiful display. Residents gathered in the activity room to create their very own Christmas ornaments for their own use to enjoy or give to a friend or family member. They had samples to look at as they worked away at their ornaments.

The mock evacuation by the fire department was cancelled due to another emergency and will be set up at a later date. Bingo was held several times during the week with a lot of very lucky winners. A large group of residents played “Bullseye.” Media pictures were displayed on the floor and they used pool noodles to interact with the reflections at their feet. Everyone had a great time as well as a good exercise program. The men’s club gathered and caught up on the daily local news. They also participated in a challenging game of table hockey. Some family members decided to join in on the fun. Treats and refreshments were served to everyone.

Reverend Deb Dolbear-VanBilsen held worship services for those residents wanting to attend. Mary Lou DePelsmaeker gave rosary to residents of the Catholic faith. A social time followed. Everyone enjoyed the entertainment program performed by Crystal St. Denis. The Java music club met in the activity area. Their topic for the meeting was “Learning and Growing.” Two family members joined the session and everyone enjoyed a variety of Keurig coffee, along with some special treats. Mary Wootton played a variety of Christmas tunes much to everyone’s enjoyment. The “word surf board” was set up in the large dining area so everyone could join in on the fun. The guessing game involved anyone who just happened to be passing by as well.

Jeremy Smith entertained residents with his musical program. He had the crowd really involved with his country and Christmas songs. The 12 days of Christmas giveaway prize draws for staff were made. One lucky staff member’s name will be drawn each day for the next 12 days and will receive a different gift each day. Each of the 12 days residents and staff are asked to wear a specific outfit relevant to the upcoming holiday celebrations. This coming week staff members will be treated to a Chinese food dinner along with a variety of cheesecakes.

Hoya cards are always popular with everyone. Jeopardy is also a favourite game played by residents and is always mind stimulating. On movie night “Christmas in Connecticut” was viewed by residents. Popcorn and refreshments were served during the showing. Wanda the storyteller and friends visited and depicted the story of Jesus being born by flannel graph. Residents already have had a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus to make sure they are being nice. They all passed with flying colours! Residents had pictures taken with the Claus family and really enjoyed their visit. Thank you to Nina and Ron Swackhammer for your visit.

The tuck shop cart was set up for residents wanting to purchase any items they may require. Everyone looks forward to the mail delivery each day during this time of the year. Christmas cards are still a popular item with families and friends.  Drumfit class was set up in the large dining area to accommodate everyone. Residents requested they have Drumfit and Christmas carols. The Nu-Step cross trainers are very busy in the activity area with residents using them to get in their daily exercise routine. Group exercise programs are always busy. One on one visits are always appreciated by residents as well as hand massages.

Birthday wishes are sent out to Jimmy Every, Norman Fenn, Ann George and Wilfred Driver who are all celebrating their special day in the month of December. The monthly birthday party was held on December 14th with Randy Grey providing the entertainment. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary wishes are given to Wilfred and Donna Driver on December 17th. If you are not feeling well or experiencing flu like symptoms please postpone your visit here. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Belmira Machado. Babcock Community Care welcomes Maria Oliveria as their newest resident.