Babcock Community Care Centre News – April 19, 2024

The Men’s Club gathered in the activity room and had fun playing croquet. In the background there was a feast of bologna frying on the grill as they had requested, along with a variety of other special treats for their meeting. Everyone had second helpings of an old favourite from the past. Residents appreciated their hand massages along with manicures provided by the activity staff. Residents enjoyed a delicious cheesecake prepared by Bev Close.

Jeremy Smith entertained residents with his musical program. Reverend Deb Dolbear Van-Bilsen held worship services for those wanting to attend. The Tuck cart was rolling around the building room to room much to resident’s delight. Drumfit is musical fun for everyone as they try to keep up the beat to music being played in the background. Family members joined in the fun as well. Bingo was played three times over the week with several lucky winners. Congratulations!

St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in March with residents and staff wearing their green. Green beer was served during the celebration along with sour cream potato chips on green plates and Rice Krispie squares topped with green icing. Mary Wootton played Irish songs and had a sing along.

The birds are busy building their nests outside on the patio and residents enjoy watching them as they exercise on the Nu-Step cross trainers. The Connect Four tournament had many interested players. The Spring Slushie social was a hit as activity staff prepared cherry-flavoured Slushies with their newly purchased machine. The Faith Haven Choir visited and entertained residents with their beautiful hymns. Everyone appreciates their visits. Table hockey kept everyone busy.

Residents enjoyed listening to staff member Joanne McGahan’s vacation trip to Holland. They appreciated her bringing in photos of her adventures. The wine and cheese party was a great hit as well. Everyone appreciated the many food samples provided, along with a variety of cheeses, pepperoni, salami and dips.

Easter was a very busy time with several visitors dropping into visit their family member or friends. One big golden egg was hidden in the building with alert signs indicating where approximately it may be found. Doreen Getty’s grandson Gavin finally found the hidden egg while visiting and was one happy little guy! Easter Bingo was scheduled during the day and residents appreciated their delicious Easter Cupcakes purchased from Union Bakery in Dresden. Chocolate eggs and bunnies were distributed to residents throughout the celebration. Dan Davidson provided a musical program for the special celebration. Wanda Hazelwood and friends visited and told the Easter story by using flannel graphs and everyone joined in singing hymns.

April Fools Day had everyone watching out for the pranksters. Happy birthday wishes are extended to Connie Peterkin, John Keskeny and Agnes Easton, who are celebrating their special days in April. Randy Grey provided the entertainment at the birthday party and everyone was served cake and Ice-cream.

Spring Fling, formerly known as the Elegant Dinner, is scheduled for April 25th with an abundance of great foods being served in a lovely, decorated dining room setting. This is held once yearly and everyone has a great dinner, along with dressing up for the occasion and being pampered by staff and volunteers. Crystal St. Denis will be providing the dinner music entertainment as well.

Residents are having a great time during craft days creating many different items. Outdoor roll and stroll programs have been scheduled. Everyone enjoys walking around the village with assistance checking out to see what has changed in the village. Residents have a great time during game time such as hoya cards, scrabble, snakes and ladders, duck racing, euchre, animal house game, magnetic fishing and bean bag toss.

Residents had a great day on their shopping trip to Wal-Mart in Chatham. Staff and volunteers assisted with their shopping and everyone had lunch at McDonalds. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits. The Java Music Club met in the activity room where Alan Gooding allowed Sharron to share a little of his childhood stories. His memories dated back to World War II in England. Freshly baked cookies and refreshments were served.

John Carter gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith. During the recent power outage residents enjoyed a visit from Daisy Mae the Clown. Daisy Mae came equipped with her battery powered CD player. She played several old time favourite tunes and residents were tapping their toes, dancing and swaying to the music. The newly purchased generator kept everyone comfortable during the power outage.

Many of the residents watched the eclipse event happening from their arm chairs in front of the television. Others who wished to be outside watching were provided with special glasses to protect their eyes. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Hee Bong Bak.

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