Babcock Community Care Centre News – March 11, 2024

Cam Denomme visited and entertained residents with his musical program while playing guitar. He graciously accepted requests from residents and sang many of their favourite songs. A few of the residents were up dancing as well. Everyone enjoyed his visit. Remy the Golden Retriever came to visit everyone today along with his owner Sybil. Residents waited patiently for their turn to pet Remy and talk to his owner about his care. Photos were taken with him and will be displayed at the upcoming photo reminiscing activity. Residents are hoping he and his owner will return for another visit.

Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Donations are greatly appreciated and add to the fun of Bingo playing. Checkers, Hoya cards, Connect 4, Duck races, Bean bag toss and Snowman toss was just a few of the games played throughout the week. Other residents watched a movie called “Riverdance”. The tea social was well attended. Residents really enjoyed having the butterscotch pudding cookies they had made earlier, along with other varieties. The Keurig coffee selection is also a favourite.

The magic train ride had residents travelling to the third smallest country in the world called Monaco. They viewed the most spectacular tour throughout the city from their arm chairs and were totally amazed at the oceanic graphic museum displays of all the marine life. Physiotherapy was given several times during the week from the Physiotherapist who visits from the local hospital. The Nu-Step cross trainers are always busy with residents exercising during their daily routine. They are able to watch the various species of birds, squirrels and rabbits as they wander through the patio area. The leaping frog game was a blast. The hockey table was set up with the pool noodles lining it. They had some great players and frog gummies were handed out to everyone.

The Star Bucks Copy Cat Social had residents preparing ahead of time for their customers within the home. They created their own version of the coffee along with macaroons for the event. Alan and his wife did the Dulce de Leche coffee, Doreen was in charge of the custard, J.D sprinkled the coconut on the assembled macaroon like bases. Gord did the cups for caramel macchiato iced coffee, John made over 2 pitchers of coffee with the new ice shaver recently purchased. Sharron was in charge of crushing the ice. In the evening John was in charge of the many selections and everyone was instructed to choose what they preferred. The macaroons were very popular with residents and anyone not able to attend the make shift Starbucks were served in their rooms with a rolling cart of treats and coffees.

One-on-one visits are always popular with residents. They can play games on the iPads provided with help, contact their family members on the Internet or friends, or just sit and visit. The walking program is patiently waiting for some warmer weather so they can venture outside around the village streets with supervision. The St Patrick Day Green Social will be held on March 17th in the Activity area. Window decorations along with Leprechauns all around the building will be showing up soon. The March monthly birthday party was held with Randy Grey providing the entertainment. Birthday wishes are sent to Doreen Getty and Linda White. Birthday cake, ice cream and refreshments were served at the party.

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