Babcock Community Care Centre News – March 1, 2024

Residents who enjoy playing cards gathered for a Euchre tournament in the activity area. Everyone had a good time. The Drum fit program had a great turnout. Residents used the drum sticks provided to keep beat with the music playing in the background. It was fun and provided great exercise for the participants. Residents appreciate their one-on-one visits.

Manicures, hand massages and foot care are administered on a regular basis. The Nu-Step cross trainers are used daily by those residents wanting to improve on their overall strength and health. The walking program also benefits residents with their mobility and as the weather improves it is great to be outdoors in the sunshine. The Physiotherapist from the local hospital visits regularly each week to provide physiotherapy treatment as needed for residents.

The Goldies entertained residents with their musical program. Everyone enjoyed their visit. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Family members and visitors joined in the fun. Thank you to everyone that donated extra cash to the Bingo games. The Family Feud game was a great hit with everyone. There were two teams, one called the “Bell Ringers” and the other was “The O’Hara Team.” The Bell Ringers ended up with the highest score with the other team only 3 points behind. Team leaders were Frances Bell and J.D O’Hara.

Music therapy with Jess is enjoyed by residents. Crystal St. Denis provided musical entertainment and residents enjoyed her visit. Family Day had several visitors. The pirate treasure hunt kept everyone busy as well as they gathered to find the hidden bags of treasure that held a variety of items, including money. Cards with common pirate phrases were inside the bags and with the assistance of family, friends and staff, each resident found a bag of treasure. The pirate crafts made previously were displayed on their walkers, clothing, and wheelchairs as they searched.

Balloon Toss is another fun activity residents like to play. Table hockey proved challenging with 3 tables set up using pool noodles to secure the puck. Wii bowling is another fun game where residents show off their bowling skills. The Java Music club met in the activity area and the theme was all about winter. Residents requested Tim Horton’s doughnuts for their next social gathering and milkshakes. Bev Close headed to the local Tims to pick up the doughnuts.

Residents had a social hour in the activity area while they coloured pictures for the Vatican board located in the hallway. Each resident signed their creation. Residents participated in word find, while others had their choice of looking through a large variety of magazines. Storyteller, Wanda Hazelwood and her helpers, visited and depicted a bible story on a flannel graph while guitar, violin and mandolin music played in the background. Everyone enjoyed their visit.

The activity department is assisting a few residents interested in writing poems using the topic “kindness.” The Family Council held their regular meeting in the activity area. All family members are encouraged to attend if they have any concerns or comments as to any changes they feel would benefit their loved ones. The March calendar is ready and looks like it is going to be a very busy month. You can download it off our website at Spring is just around the corner!

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