Babcock Community Care Centre News – November 16, 2023

The monthly birthday party was held for residents celebrating their birthdays in November. Best wishes are extended to Lois Cornwall and Karen Leitch. Randy Grey provided the entertainment at the party and everyone enjoyed cake, ice cream and refreshments. Residents along with staff, volunteers and family members travelled to the Chatham Wal-Mart to start their Christmas shopping early and pick up a few items they themselves wanted to purchase. Each resident was accompanied by a helper and was able to shop at their leisure. Everyone came together at the McDonalds for lunch.

The Remembrance Day ceremony was officiated with members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 583 from Newbury. Residents later watched the ceremony from Ottawa on the television. The Drumfit activity had residents using the musical equipment provided and everyone had a great time beating the huge balls with the drumsticks. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Congratulations and thanks to Ida Russell for donating cash to the Bingo.

Residents appreciated the varieties of hot chocolate in the afternoon topped with marshmallows. A small group of residents gathered for a game of Hoya cards. Others played a game of witch hat ring toss.  The Faith Haven choir visited and sang many beautiful favourite hymns. They also brought along many preschool children which were such a delight to visit with.

Halloween was great fun for everyone as residents sat at the entrance passing out candy bags to approximately 50 kids.  Thanks to Adam, our co-op student, for assisting during the celebration. Residents and staff had a great day dressing up in a variety of costumes during the afternoon events.   

The men’s club gathered in the activity area and discussions about whatever came to mind happened. They told jokes, one being “why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road” and the answer was “No Guts.” They read items of their choice from the coffee time news paper. They also voted on the theme for the upcoming night bingo.

Residents once again travelled from their armchairs for the 82 hour train/truck adventure across Australia. They were shown animal and scenery views from a drone in the sky and learned a great deal about Australia. Next month they will learn about Portugal. We have 2 residents from Portugal and some residents would like to be taught a few words in the Portuguese language.

Residents appreciate having the Tuck Cart visit their rooms for any purchases they wanted to make.  They also enjoy one-on-one visits. The Christmas decorations are starting to appear inside and outside the home as volunteers, residents, activity staff and maintenance begin to place the many lights and decorations in their specific places.

Mary Lou DePelsmaeker visited and offered Rosary to residents of the Catholic faith. The memorial service was held on November 7th to celebrate the lives of Fitzroy Clarke, Margaret Therrien, Ruby Klassen, Helen Cuthbert, Vera Taplin, Clara Aulis, and Phyliss Munro. Families and friends attended the ceremony. Frances Bell was the banker for the Monopoly game and a small group had a great time playing the popular game. The Java Music club gathered in the activity area where each resident shared a great story taken from their younger years. Snacks and refreshments were served. David Skipper offered communion to residents of the Catholic faith.

The new generator has been set in place and will be hooked up by Union Gas this week. This will be a great asset during the hydro outages we have been experiencing. The Nu-Step cross trainers are always busy with residents completing their daily exercise routines. Physiotherapy is scheduled several times a week for those residents requiring the treatments. Residents are looking forward to the bus trips to the upcoming Magic of Lights display on Longwoods road at the conservation area.

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