Babcock Community Care Centre News – November 9, 2023

The wine and cheese party set up in the main dining area was enjoyed by residents, staff, families and friends. They were delighted with the variety of cheese, salami, pepperoni, crackers and refreshments served to everyone. The buffet table looked amazing. Residents Council, followed by the Food Committee, held their regular meetings and expressed how much they appreciated the decorations both inside and outside the home for the various occasions. They mentioned how lucky they were to have a home like this to reside at, plenty to eat, always something to do if you choose to do so, caring staff and a lovely, clean home. Further discussions included what was happening in the upcoming month of November and what special foods they preferred to have if available.

Bingo was played three times over the past week with several lucky winners. Thank you to Joe Aulis for his cash donation to the Bingo. A table was set up in the activity area so residents could shop for some of their most wanted items. One resident purchased a children’s book for his soon to be born grand baby. The Wild West movie and ultimate cowboy trivia proved very challenging for residents participating. They formed two teams, but the men’s team seemed to know more about cowboys than the ladies group. Residents had fun setting up a wall display on their selected country, Australia. Suggestions for the display included snakes, kangaroos, recreation, foods, and the population of the country itself.

The Nu-Step cross trainers were very busy with residents using them to do their daily exercises. Physiotherapy was given 3 times during the week by the Physiotherapist from the local hospital. Residents gathered for movie night and enjoyed the movie starring the Adams family. The Java music club gathered in the activity area and their theme for the meeting was Autumn. Each person was given a chance to share one of their favourite stories with everyone.

The famous Monopoly game is becoming a favourite for a small group of residents. Lois Cornwall was the Banker and Maria Baptista definitely had shopping skills and ended up the winner of the game. Don Earhart and Alan Gooding acquired a lot of wealth as well! Everyone is looking forward to another game in November.

Halloween was the topic for last week’s activities. Costumes were being decided for residents and staff joined in as well. Everyone was looking forward to the 6 pm to 8 pm time period where all the fun work of bagging up a variety of candies for the children will pay off. Everyone was excited to see the children dressed in their favourite characters for Halloween. If you have been visiting the home lately you will have noticed the pumpkins lining the entryway. Residents had a great time decorating the pumpkins. During the craft activity cats both large and small, was made and will decorate the windows across from the table holding all the candy bags.  A Halloween party was held during the day with Jeremy Smith providing the entertainment.  Mary Wooton had everyone singing along when she played some old time favourite songs. Another group of residents joined in a challenging game of Hoya cards.

Don and Bonnie Cook entertained residents with their stroll down memory lane with several favourite songs. Everyone had a great afternoon. During the magazine search 15 different ideas for crafts were found and residents are looking forward to making some of them. Joel Horvath entertained residents with his musical program. Everyone enjoyed his visit. One on one visits are always appreciated by residents. The cosmetic bag has been restocked just in time for the upcoming celebrations and Christmas. A great updated variety of lipstick colours, nail polishes and creams make everyone feel great. Connect 4, checkers and tic tac toe were offered to those residents wanting to play. Residents and their family members participated in a game of charades. Viking chess had residents tossing bean bags. Others watched a show called Roman holiday. 

Please take a moment on November 11th to remember all the men and women who have served our country in times of war, and conflict and peace. Wear a poppy! 

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