Babcock Community Care Centre News – November 30, 2023

Residents enjoyed the Friday night entertainment program provided by Joe Horvath. Table hockey players formed teams of two and switched off and on during the fast paced game, so that everyone had a turn. The residents and staff worked at decorating the home for Christmas. The tree is up and decorated and residents wanting to decorate their rooms and personal space were grateful for the help.

Bingo was played three times during the week with a great game of Big Buck Bingo. Congratulations to the winners. Remi, the pet therapy dog, was a big hit with everyone. Several pictures were taken and you could see the huge smiles on resident faces when he approached them. They can hardly wait for his next visit.

Seven residents participated in a game called word surf. The magnetic dart board is a great hit even for residents who do not wish to leave their rooms to play. The board is taken to them on wheels and they are given a specific coloured dart showing what team they are on. They have 4 throws. The red team scored 4030 points while the yellow team had 3850 points. It was a very close game with great players. Drumfit is another fun activity everyone enjoys playing.

Sharon from the Activity department and Adam, our co-op student, worked on setting up a list of phrases in the hallway in Portuguese. We find this helps everyone communicate with our residents who speak Portuguese. Catholic communion was given to residents of the Catholic faith and visitation followed with refreshments. The tuck cart is a favourite with residents and they can use their Bingo winnings to purchase items they want or need.

Otis the St. Bernard dog visited with his owner and residents noticed how gentle he was with everyone. Bev Close, along with a few residents, turned the activity area into a small bakery and the aroma of fresh baked bread and cinnamon buns filled the hallways. Everyone enjoyed the treat. Music connections had a great crowd. They joined in singing many favourite Christmas carols. Mary Wootton held worship services for those residents wanting to attend. They were served Christmas treats after the service and everyone had a fun time. Cam Denomme entertained residents with his musical program and Christmas tunes were at the top of the list. The nu-step cross trainers were busy with residents exercising as they checked out the patio area and watched the birds flying around.

During theme Bingo a butterfly wall was created. There was 4 prize bags and Christmas lights were lit up. The display table had a white Christmas moose and a 4 foot Christmas doll wearing a green dress that belonged to Ida. One on one visits are appreciated by residents. Residents are looking forward to the Magic lights tour scheduled for Friday. They will board a bus and head over to the conservation area near Melbourne.

Residents enjoy having their hand massages and foot care treatments. The Physiotherapist from Four Counties Health Services visited several times during the week and provided physiotherapy treatments for residents. Eli, a young boy, along with his family visited today with his cat, Pumpkin.

The magazine order arrived and a variety of magazines were handed out to residents. The Java Music Club gathered in the activity area. The topics they chose were fall time and making amends. They had a very good meeting with lots of sharing. Butterfly trivia had a good group who were interested in learning about butterflies. Prizes were given for correct answers.

The outdoor Christmas decorations are in place and residents, families, and visitors have been commenting on how pretty they are. Word puzzles are always a favourite with many. Movie night was about a story of love in the war and called β€œthe Boy.” Mary Lou DePelsmaeker gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith. A social time followed where Mary Wootton played Christmas tunes and everyone participated in a sing song. Christmas blessing was another movie watched by several residents. Residents have been enjoying shortbread cookies and Christmas cake from Parks.

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