Babcock Community Care Centre News – August 16, 2023

The summer months are flying by, but the residents had a great time with the Christmas in July activity. Several dressed with red and green outfits for the celebration. Christmas trivia was very popular with everyone and the halls were filled with “Rocking around the Christmas tree” music. Decorations were in place and several gathered for a Christmas social. Ron Pierce provided the entertainment for the occasion along with his daughter Clara. The variety of homemade fudge was a great hit along with shortbread cookies and green and red chocolate kisses. Everyone had a really great time inside while it was super hot outdoors.

Bingo was held three times over the week with the lucky winners adding another quarter to their collection for use at the tuck shop table. The women’s chat group gathered in the activity room and started their chat with “what happened on this day in history.” Each resident took their turn in telling the group about memorable events as they were growing up. Some said they wish they could start all over and do it again! The Craft group decided instead of shuffleboard they would make a butterfly craft.

Residents enjoy the Keurig club gathering where they chose from a variety of Keurig coffees. Storyteller, Wanda Hazelwood, depicted bible stories on a flannel graph and residents joined in singing some of their favourite hymns. Residents boarded the bus for their scenic drive along with staff and volunteers. They ventured over to Port Glasgow where they had to stop for a delicious ice cream cone. They really enjoyed looking at the countryside and of course noticed the variety of crops planted by local farmers.

The Java Music Club gathered in the activity area and the theme was “Getting to know you.” Each resident chose a song and everyone joined in singing. Each resident has a chance to share their thoughts with the group. Everyone had a great time. Activity staff set up a long table with each of the following for residents to choose from: Dominoes, Balloon Car Races, activity books, giant colouring pictures, shaping Play-Do and hat craft. The room was alive with all the activities. Another activity they had fun doing was wall art using coloured paper. The residents created their own colourful wall art by weaving the paper. The end results were amazing.

The Men’s Club met in the activity area and each resident was given a turn to express their thoughts. They continued showing an activity book on climate change and the environment. Each one made their own initials with a game piece. They talked about farming and nature with a true or false reply. They all did very well but Alan Gooding won with the most correct answers. A new program about events occurring in the world on any given day was read to several residents. Hand outs were available as well.

During the hot weather everyone appreciated the Skittles frozen treats being handed out. The tuck cart table was set up for everyone to shop with their big bingo winnings. Residents found some very useful items. Mary Wooton was in charge of the stereo system playing many old time favourite songs. Residents enjoyed their roll and stroll program outdoors around the village before the heat of the day hit. Residents had fun playing bean bag toss and also had a few games of Euchre and Hoya cards.

Croquet indoors had residents cheering each other on as they played. Residents continue with their daily exercise program on the Nu-Step cross trainers. The flowers are still doing well on the patio despite the heat wave. The rabbits can be seen darting out from under the bushes and the birds are always around chirping on the patio. Residents have noticed one lonely toad who thinks his home is in the large patio umbrella.

Physiotherapy was given three times during the week with the Physiotherapist from our local hospital. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Vera Taplin, Ruby Klassen and Helen Cuthbert. We are still working on the plans and approvals for the new updated nursing home to be located very close in proximity to the existing one. Please remember if you are not feeling well please do not visit. Come back another day when you are feeling well.

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