Babcock Community Care Centre News – July 18, 2023

Canada Day was celebrated at Babcock Community Care Centre with residents creating and designing a craft for the holiday in which the frame could hold their photographs. They proudly displayed the finished product in their rooms. Dan Davidson entertained residents in the afternoon with a musical program. Families and friends visited throughout the day.

Residents enjoyed the beautifully decorated vanilla and chocolate cupcakes purchased from Union Bakery in Dresden. Each cupcake was decorated with either a flag or a moose on it with plenty of red and white sprinkles.
Christmas in July is creating quite the buzz. Residents have requested some good old fashioned fudge, along with some shortbread for their special day. The Christmas decorations will add to the event, along with some other great foods.

Karaoke night was a huge success with several attending and showing how well they could sing. Others had a great time dancing and fun was had by all. Everyone appreciates having the Tuck Cart set up in the dining area where they can purchase specific items they want or need. Residents usually have a great time spending their Bingo winnings on these items. Randy Grey entertained residents with his musical program. He educated everyone about the history of the songs he sang.

Residents have been very busy cutting out pieces needed to make kites. The activity staff decided to have a themed bingo for the many bingo players we have. The theme was around the ever popular Niagara Falls. They passed out neon glow sticks, necklaces and each resident received a card. Some of the cards said “sorry, better luck next time,” while others specified a prize they would receive. Residents enjoyed the walking tour of the United States side, Three Sisters and Goat Island and back to the Canadian Falls side. They toured through many of the special attractions and ended their virtual tour with a 12 minute helicopter ride over the area. Amazing how everyone can travel from their easy chairs!

Duck races are very popular. They raced four times and everyone cheered on their favourite duck. The stroll and roll program outdoors is a great time for residents to tour around the village streets stopping to talk to the local residents. Root Beer floats taste amazing after their outdoor walks. Bingo was held three times during the week with several lucky winners. Thank you to anyone adding donated cash to the bingo prizes. Special thanks to the student volunteers for helping out with the Bingo.

Wanda the storyteller visited with her friends and provided a depiction of her stories while learning the history of the song “Amazing Grace.” Residents enjoyed the mandolin and guitar music. Unfortunately the water balloon play time outdoors was cancelled due to nasty weather so the new media projector was put into great use by showing residents pictures of pizza, bananas, owls and race cars. They used a pool noodle to interact with the games. There was a lot of movement and residents definitely had their exercise while playing.

Craft days are becoming very popular with the residents. Making kites from paper plates, pipe cleaners and coloured Popsicle sticks are several of the items used to finish the kites. Residents were treated to hand massages which they really enjoyed. One-on- one visits are really appreciated. Ted Quenneville gave communion to residents of the Catholic faith.

Dress up day was a fun time with the theme “Last Day on the Titanic… what would you be doing or wearing?” Costumes were designed for each resident who wished to participate and residents decided what they would be doing. Brenda would be wearing a black dress and hat, John, Gordon and Eugene would be mechanics, Tom a fisherman, Anne sitting in a lawn chair watching the icebergs go by, Doreen was captain of the ship, Don was an artist making sketches of the trip, Barb worked at packing luggage, J.D. was in the wheel house steering the ship. Karen was in the doctor’s office helping with the sea sick clients.

Group exercises had a large group in attendance working their arms, legs, and having conversations about life. Wii shuffleboard is very popular with several amazing players. Jeremy Smith had the room packed to listen to his John Denver style musical program. Great folk songs were enjoyed by everyone.

The town wide yard sale was a great success with many bargain hunters searching out their most wanted items. J.D. O’Hara and John enjoyed touring around the village with assistance from staff members to check out the yard sales. Sunday Sundaes were a big hit with residents. Manicures and pampering followed later in the day. Clay crafts with the company 2Hands, with Christine from London showing residents how to make owls out of clay. The Men’s club met outdoors for a chat. They came up with some ideas for crafts. Snacks followed along with refreshments. The Women’s group also gathered on the patio, some decided to go for a short walk and they too had many great ideas involving craft ideas.

Residents continue to use the Nu-Step cross-trainers located in the activity area. They are able to view the beautiful flowers hanging from the patio awning as they exercise. The birds and rabbits and the odd cat add to their enjoyment while exercising. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Margaret Therrien. Babcock Community Care welcomes Anne Douglas as their newest resident.

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