Babcock Community Care Centre News – September 28, 2023

Residents, staff and volunteers boarded the bus and headed to London for a delicious Swiss Chalet dinner. Activity staff organized one-on-one assistance for each resident travelling to the city. Everyone had a great time and a wonderful dinner of their choice. Pictures are posted on FaceBook of the trip if anyone is interested in viewing them.

Swiss Chalet Trip

Birthday wishes are extended to J.D. O’Hara and Anne Douglas, both of whom celebrate their special day in September. The monthly birthday party was held on September 7th with Randy Grey providing the entertainment. Birthday cake and ice cream was served to everyone.

The cooking club residents gathered in the activity with gloves on and their hair nets to whip up a batch of Brownie treats. Drum Fit had 12 residents enjoying the music while trying to keep up the beat on the drums. This program was fun and great exercise as well. The Nu-Step cross-trainers are always busy with residents trying to improve their fitness levels. The view is great looking out on the patio as they exercise.

The flowers are starting to fade and some have been removed for the year. Decorations for Thanksgiving then Halloween will be soon started. The men gathered for a game of table hockey. They formed 3 teams and played for 15 minutes. The outdoor roll and stroll program is greatly appreciated. Residents are assisted by staff to venture around the streets in the village and stop and visit if they happen to notice local residents outside. It is finally great to be able to walk on the new sidewalks provided by Southwest Middlesex. Residents and locals are now able to enjoy a safe, flat surface to walk on.

Bingo was held three times over the week with a few changes on how it is played. Residents have a great time winning their quarters and are able to use the winnings to purchase items they want on the Tuck shop table. Thank you to Ida Russell for her donation to the Bingo. The Men’s club gathered and played an Eco climate game. Everyone had great time and a discussion followed on what they would like to do at the next meeting. Wishing well craft boards were decorated by residents and posted on the wall outside the dining area for everyone to share.

We would like to welcome the new Nurse Practitioner, Jaqueline Watkinson, to our health care team. Monopoly has become very popular with some of our residents. Doreen Getty won the game having the most dollars and properties. We are looking into purchasing a floor size game mat so as more residents can join in on the fun. The java music club gathered and the topic was “Getting to know you.” Everyone had to choose a particular song they enjoyed and the group sang each one.

Apple Cider milkshakes were a big hit with residents. Storyteller, Wanda Hazelwood, depicted bible stories with on a flannel graph. Grandparent’s day was celebrated with several visitors coming in to see their loved ones. Chocolate and vanilla decorated cupcakes and refreshments were served to everyone. Dan Davidson provided the entertainment and everyone was pleased when he took their request for their favourite songs.

The Wal Mart shopping trip was well organized and residents, staff and volunteers boarded the bus for a day of shopping in Chatham. They enjoyed their lunch at McDonalds. The cooking club gathered in the activity area to whip up a mandarin dream dessert. Of course they shared what they made with others. It was delicious!

Everyone appreciates activity staff going around the building with the local papers and London Free Press. Anyone wishing to be told the news instead of reading it was given the option. Groups of eight gathered to join in the virtual painting class shown through the new Omni Vista machine.

The Hawaiian Luau event was a fun time for everyone. Preparation for this event started earlier in the month with specific decorations being used. Residents enjoyed the variety of music along with instruments used to create the Hawaiian atmosphere and dancing. There were costumes related to Hawaii complete with a variety of colourful leis. A great assortment of Hawaiian fruit dishes were served as well.

Movie night is always popular along with popcorn and refreshments. Ten residents participated in a game of darts. They formed two teams and everyone had such a great time. Babcock Community Care welcomes Belmira Machado as their newest resident.

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