Babcock Community Care Centre News – October 16, 2023

Residents had a great time riding virtually on the magic train rides which is one of Amtrak’s most scenic trains called the Zephyr. A Guide explained all the beautiful sights and places along the way. A great way to travel from your very own chair! Bingo was held three times during the week. Theme Bingo is becoming very popular with everyone and is a pleasant change for the Bingo players. Congratulations to all the winners. Special thanks to Ida Russell for her bingo donation.

The Nu-Step cross trainer exercise equipment is being used daily by residents. They are able to achieve their fitness goals while watching the many species of birds, rabbits, squirrels and the odd cat wandering by on the patio area. Parachute play is a great exercise for both the residents and staff playing and is lots of fun.

Residents had a great time during the toys and trinkets program. Three stations were set up, the first one was a container of mints and you had to guess how many were in the container. J.D. O’Hara was closest with a guess of 58, Anne Douglas placed 2nd with her guess of 70 and Nancy McEachren was third with her guess of 77. The actual amount in the container was 63. Well done! They continued on to the 2nd station of pop-up game books. The 3rd station was a word surf game using the word “Broadway.” Everyone had a great time.

Physiotherapy was scheduled three times over the week with the local physiotherapist from our local hospital. Wii Bowling was set up and residents had a great evening of bowling. The new Omni media machine is being kept very busy these days as the cooler weather approaches. One of their favourite games on it is called Bullseye. The colours and shapes reflected on the floor area say it all. While some residents played others watched and were fascinated by what they saw.

Two family members joined in on the fun during the Drumfit program. Sixteen drums with sticks were used while residents kept up the beat listening to some of their old time favourite tunes. Residents joined in singing as well. Student co-op Adam joined the Activity department today and was helping with crafts, playing games and Bingo. Crafts being made this month are Halloween cats. Residents will be preparing candy bags during one of their activities in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween party. Last year well over 100 bags were passed out to trick or treaters.

Hoya cards are always fun and 8 residents joined in the game. During the morning a game of Sorry was played. Gordon Gregory and Alan Gooding were on the winning team. A large group of residents attended Bible study. Everyone enjoyed the music and afterwards strip madness, Chicago style, was served along with cola drinks. Joel Horvath provided musical entertainment for everyone. He had residents singing along, clapping and dancing in their chairs. What a great performance!

The men’s club gathered and played a game of charades. Alan Gooding and his family joined in on the fun. Everyone had a fun time. Residents appreciate having their spectacles cleaned by staff as they travel around the building with the tuck cart. The Fall Fair Social was supervised by Bev Close. She had cotton candy, caramel corn and apples with a caramel sauce. This brought many great old memories of going to the local fairs for several residents.

On September 30th everyone was asked to wear orange in honour of the “Every Child Matters” national day for truth and reconciliation. Residents will be making a special craft to honour the children who survived Indian residential schools and remember those who did not. Canadians across the country will be wearing an orange shirt. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Phyllis Munro.

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